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Living in Longkloof in Hout Bay

Living in longkloof

Welcome to Longkloof

As you drive into Hout Bay entering through Valley Road, to the right you will see the famous trees that gave the 'Republic' its name hiding away a few of the most beautifully positioned properties in Hout Bay.  There are approximately 63 of these gems, tucked away out of sight along a glen that leads the Hout Bay River into its white sandy beach. 

Set against the Orangekloof Nature Reserve, with easy access to famous hikes in Hout Bay like Myburgh's Waterfall ravine, this forested suburb of Hout Bay is one of the most wooded places to live in in Hout Bay. 

Longkloof has one entrance and exit point- Longkloof road, making this area easier to patrol and a secure place to stay. The area is neighboured by the famous Kenrock Security Estate, Tarragona, and bordered by Hout Bay Main Road, with easy access to the schools, shops, and restaurants located in the Valley Area. 

The entrance to Longkloof is guarded by a private security company that monitors a boom entrance into the area on a 24-hour basis with support from the Hout Bay Watchcon network via radio. Nearly half of the residents in Longkloof belong to neighbourhood watch and own an HBNW radio who is led by Area Leader, Toby Adams who organises and collaborates with the neighbourhood's “first responders”, SAPS, and SSP. 

Homeowners in Longkloof also belong to a Residents’ Association that keeps neighbors informed on security measures and area-specific news. 

There are a few bed and breakfast and guest house options, a takeout restaurant, and yoga studios such as Sky Above Studio, Yogalini, yoga training with The Wellness Connection. Plus, the Afristar Foundation is based in this area, working on providing its community with sustainable development through permaculture and giving you the opportunity to support green entrepreneurship and education.   

It's location along the Main Road leading out of Hout Bay and into Constantia and Newlands, means that this space has easy access to the Southern Suburbs, while still being close to all the local amenities.


The history behind Longkloof is entwined with the original farm divisions that Hout Bay was first established as and is now largely an environmental conservation area with J&J’s Doornrivier wildlife park and even homes a Provincial Heritage Site along the main road. 

This architectural relic can be spotted as you wind your way along the scenic Hout Bay Main Road, which has been host to several other exciting art installations such as the Endemic Project by local resident Bryan Little.  

In fact, living in Longkloof is something of an artist's paradise. Prana Emporium is here, stocked with the latest bohemian and hippie apparel, leading South African potter Yogi de Beer, and the Brian Rolfe Art Gallery & Studio also call Longkloof home.

If you want to escape to a secret hideaway, there are loping gardens contouring the babbling Hout Bay River as it feeds into the Valley area next door. There are also smaller sectional title living spaces, namely: 

    • Langenhorn Place
    • Mountain House 
    • Mountain View 

Living in Longkloof is peaceful, there are chirping birds, a babbling river, and plenty of natural beauty to take in. If you are interested in learning more about investing in real estate here or want to know more about the property market in this area, get in touch, we would be happy to help. 

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