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Why Should I Buy Equestrian Properties in Hout Bay?

Buying an equestrian property is less about the financial returns and more about the lifestyle, but we think you knew this already. After everything that has happened since 2020, it is no surprise that those of us with a craving for the outdoors and the sound of hooves galloping on the beach have been searching for the perfect equestrian property to settle into. Not only does it feel like a safe escape, there is income earning potential too. 


But why would you want to buy a property like this in Hout Bay?

We took the time to ask local horse lovers about their experiences with owning property in Hout Bay so that you have as much information as you need to consider your options.

Is Investing in Horse Properties a Good Idea?

Taking the leap and committing to owning land and sharing your property with a few horses is no small task. Expanding your property portfolio into the equestrian sector is an ambitious step for any land developer or new homeowner who has done their homework and has the resources to properly maintain equine buildings and land.


It is important that you know what you are getting yourself into.

So here are some of the advantages of owning your own horse farm, with some major considerations to take into account as well. At the end of the day, because this is a lifestyle decision, it is important that you stay true to what is in your heart, with a clear head, and expert support from the start. That is why we are here to help

1. Horse Farms provide a steady stream of income.

You will be able to give horse owners the option of renting stables from you in the short or long term if you purchase and/or develop equestrian land and accompanying buildings.


For the owners of Horseshoe Farm, not only have their stables and paddocks brought in a steady flow of income from surrounding horse lovers looking for an idyllic place to send their beloved steeds; so too have the property's stand alone cottages through Airbnb and holiday letting. Together these outlets have the potential to earn you around R40 000 per month. That is more than half of what your repayments would be if you got the full bond amount to purchase this home. 

If you decide to buy Horseshoe Farm, you will inherit an impressive reputation for providing relaxing getaways to travelers, as well as a well-organised livery for horse owners around Hout Bay. Not to mention the space to host lessons and specialized workshops. Dieu Donne is known for featuring well known seminars, demonstrations and horse shows with names like AJ Rademacher using the space to host show jumping clinics.

If you want to make money from your equestrian property, all you have to do is make sure your guests will be well cared for, and in the case of your four legged guests, be sure that there'll be enough space for them to exercise and groom. 

2. Unique Characteristics

Horse farms and other comparable properties are a unique investment. They must be situated on suitable terrain, with ample space for the animals to exercise and be comfortably stabled. As a result, there will always be a small number inside a large radius.


Hout Bay has something of a horsey reputation. The Valley is home to over 30 horse properties, with the Hout Bay Riding Centre acting as the hub for horse riders and owners from across Cape Town. The world famous Glenellen Show Jumping grounds can also be found along the Main Road of Hout Bay. So there are plenty of attractions for horse lovers in the Valley. 

These drawcards mean the demand for stable space is high. Horseshoe Farm offers unique characteristics which appeal to horse owners; such as the sweeping European paddocks, a private arena, and access to the bubbling Disa River along the edge of the property.   

3. A pastime and a source of income

Those who are interested in investing in horse properties are likely to enjoy equestrian sports as well.


Taking the leap to invest in equestrian property is a fantastic way to earn money from something you enjoy, allowing you to easily cover the costs associated with your interest while also providing support and resources to others in the same industry.

The horse community in Hout Bay is close knit and caring. Not only do they have an active online forum sharing tips and tricks for horse riders and owners, they are also famously friendly and welcoming to new horse enthusiasts. There is always space for another rider to join in on their outrides within Hout Bay’s lush forests, or hacks to the beach. 

Owning an equestrian property also allows you to stable your own horses on site if you're a horse enthusiast, making this an extremely practical and personal investment.

Many of our clients have been begging to schedule a viewing of our latest equestrian listing; Dieu Donne

This property was specifically designed with horse riding in mind. It's modern ranch feel, state of the art arena, and 4 stables, ensure horse owners would have no trouble setting up an income generating livery. The house itself is cleverly designed to make dual living, or co-living a breeze. Each bedroom suite comes with its own living area and kitchenette, not to mention views of the surrounding mountains in the valley. The balcony, conservatory, pizza oven and well established garden provide an array of entertainment areas to enjoy. 


But why buy now?

Despite dips caused by the COVID-19 epidemic, homeowners are choosing to invest in their preferred lifestyle now more than ever, particularly because of attractive interest rates, and in light of the revelations many have had about the way they want to live their life. 

Large land investments mean large potential with diverse rewards.

Of course, it is necessary that anyone seeking to make an investment of this kind, first does in depth research into the issue. Horses, after all, require a great lot of attention and must be stabled in a way that is both compassionate, clean, and pleasant for everyone involved.

They require a lot of well-kept space for exercise and must be groomed and looked over by equestrian veterinarians on a regular basis, so keep these things in mind before you take your first big steps.

Horseshoe Farm is an excellent example of your all-in-one package deal. This two acre equestrian property is in the heart of Hout Bay’s Valley, the property features a historic main house, established gardens, four separate dwellings, stables, a sizable sand arena and paddocks.


The stable block consists of four loose boxes with a covered verandah, a feed room with toilet and a fully secure tack room. Behind the stables is an adjoining cottage which is ideal for a staff family. The current groundskeeper runs the maintenance of this property with a keen eye and specialised experience which he is happy to offer to the new owners of the land on transfer.  

Currently two of the cottages operate as AirBnB rentals and the active livery business generates significant income. The property has a second entrance for AirBnB tenants and livery clients, maintaining the privacy of the main house.

A horse property could be an ideal next project for you if you're looking for fresh and interesting ways to increase your existing portfolio or simply get started in building the lifestyle you deserve. Hout Bay is a seaside village dedicated to building it's community. 

Neighbors are helpful and local security is reliable. Living in the Valley gives you enough space away from everyone else, while still allowing you access to hikes, beaches and local restaurants just a few minutes away, plus Cape Town is only a 20 minute drive along the coast. 

For more information about a horses and finding your home in Hout Bay don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

We can connect you with the riding community in Hout Bay, and would be happy to arrange a viewing of Horseshoe Farm or Dieu Donne for you as soon as you are ready.

October 11, 2011